Unlocking Spain’s potential

An initiative by pan-European investor Target Global, Spain’s leading entrepreneurs and business angels to strengthen Spanish entrepreneurship in a time of crisis

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Pre-seed program to bring forth Spain’s potential

We know that entrepreneurship will be critical to Spain’s economic recovery in a post-COVID-19 world — that’s why we’ve created this pre-seed program.

The program will fund emerging entrepreneurial talent in Spain to support them to build now and thrive post-Covid. 500,000 € from our newly launched Early Stage Fund II will be topped by some of Spain’s top entrepreneurs and business angels, with scope to grow further. With a ticket size of at least 30,000 €, the Target Global pre-seed program is tailored to founders with a tech-based business idea, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop ideas into products and get feedback from the market.

Spain is poised to become one of the most important tech hubs in the European startup ecosystem. We believe in the immense potential of the Spanish startup ecosystem: that’s why we opened our first office in Barcelona in 2019. With increased capital, we want to help Spain’s entrepreneurship thrive at a time when access to resources is limited.


A clear commitment to Spain

We’ve seen incredibly talented people with an entrepreneurial spirit in Spain. In the face of an unprecedented crisis, we want to provide resources to put Spanish entrepreneurship on the fast track.

Keep innovation thriving

Our belief in the Spanish ecosystem of innovation is unbroken: as a cooperation of Spain’s leading entrepreneurs, business angels & Target Global, we want to strengthen the ecosystem in times of crisis.


A supportive community

From the initial idea and through the first steps of your journey, we offer our support and guidance. Our community of exceptional entrepreneurs and industry experts will help you to break through.


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Shmuel Chafets

General Partner & Vice Chairman

Target Global

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Lina Chong

Investment Director

Target Global

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Jorge Fontúrbel


Target Global


1. Which entrepreneurs and projects qualify for the program?

We’re looking for ideas and concepts that can be “the next big thing” in their field and are ready to market for early signs of adoption – with a big market, great team, and founders that can quickly iterate on the product. Founding teams with a tech-based idea or a prototype, and experience with tech startups qualify for the program. As the name implies, this is a pre-seed check so companies without former funding are preferred. The solution should address a big pain with a prototype that can be built quickly and is highly iterative.

2. How can I apply for pre-seed funding and what’s the process?

Fill out the form here! If you (or your team) and idea/ product fit the criteria, we’ll invite you to a short conversation and a decision will be delivered shortly thereafter. Since each team/ company will differ in need and situation, we’ll determine investment parameters and ticket sizes on a case by case basis.

3. Which companies has Target Global invested in so far?

We have backed some of Europe’s success stories. You can take a look at Target Global’s portfolio here.

4. What tickets do you allocate?

The pre-seed program invests at least 30,000 € partially invested by us and topped up by some amazing entrepreneurs and angel investors. The size and type of check will be determined on a case by case basis.

5. About Target Global

Target Global is a pan-European investment firm headquartered in Berlin, with over €800m in assets under management. With offices in Barcelona, London, and Tel Aviv, we connect key European startup ecosystems and leverage the unique DNA of each of our target geographies, across our global network. Building on our experienced team with substantial operational and investment experience, we help exceptional entrepreneurs to build market leaders. Target Global invests across multiple stages, investing in fast-growing tech companies, targeting trillion € markets. Our partners have been investing for more than 15 years in the digital technology space, backing some of the key European success stories. The Target Global portfolio includes companies such as Auto1, Delivery Hero, Omio (formerly GoEuro), TravelPerk, Rapyd, and WeFox. More about Target Global